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② A warning? Planned? Events of concern before the corona outbreak


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This is the second time in a series about Corona (COVID-19).

I’ll try to make it as clear as possible, explaining slightly difficult words and organizations as much as possible, and links for the explanation. I have also posted a link to the source of the information, so you can check it out further for yourself and think We try to be able to.

Lockdown is necessary, and social distance is also important from now on, isn’t it?

Is it right?

Is it just me that feels like a campaign prepared by major media in advance, such as the “Stay Home” campaign?

Didn’t you feel weird that governments around the world started the lockdown in the same way?

And don’t you think it’s unnatural for a campaign to accept “new normal”?

Initially, the WHO said there was no human-to-human transmission, etc. Now they recommend masks and are desperate to incite fear that it won’t go away for a few years and that we should be prepared for a second wave.

And the timing of this is backward for some reason.

Has it gone this far during previous SARS and MARS outbreaks?
It’s a much smaller death toll than the seasonal flu, but you’d think it’s not a big deal in comparison If you try to say it, you’ll be labeled insane.

Aren’t we already living in a world where it’s hard to raise questions and disagreements about many things?

Are you in control?

In fact, nothing can rule up to your heart.
It is free to think about all assumptions against various facts.

Let’s think about it together.
Let’s assume that corona (COVID-19) may have been planned, and follow the time series in the oldest order.

2008-2011 Hollywood pandemic movies

Hollywood campaign for fear and pandemic imprints !?

Hollywood film in 2011. It is a movie depicting the threat and panic of viral infections that bring death with a high probability.

It is a television movie produced in 2008 by Hallmark Channel, a cable television station in the United States.

Toxic Skies

2008 Hollywood movie.
A new virus is raging in Seattle. The symptoms resemble flu, but existing vaccines are ineffective and the fatality rate is unusually high. A state of emergency is declared and the whole country is in panic. Dr. Martin was desperate to find the route of the infection and linked it to the chemicals in the aircraft fuel. Deadly pollutants scattered from the sky. The secretive military and pharmaceutical companies have been conducting secret experiments behind this. In order to save humanity from the brink of destruction, Tess battles a huge enemy…

Perhaps it was Hollywood’s brainwashing program to recognize the imprint of fear of pandemics and the enforcement of lockdown by viruses as a matter of course.

2011 EU publishing of pandemic comics

I don’t know how it happened, but as a formal EU publication, the Publications Office of the European Union published a pandemic comic book called “Infected” in 2011.

You can download and read this comic in PDF format.


Here is also the story of a virus being stolen from a virus laboratory in Beijing, China. It feels something like the Wuhan Institute for Virus Research.

March 2015, Strange speech by Bill Gates at TED

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In this TED, Bill Gates gave a speech entitled “The next outbreak? We’re not ready”.
At first glance, it sounds like a smart speech, but if you listen to it carefully, you’ll hear strange statements.

“If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades,it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war.”

“So next time, we might not be so lucky. You can have a virus where people feel well enough while they’re infectious that they get on a plane or they go to a market.”

“We need a medical reserve corps, lots of people who’ve got the training and background. who are ready to go, with the expertise. And then we need to pair those medical people with the military.”

Looking at this video, it seems that the scenario of this coronavirus (COVID-19) has been announced.

May 2018, “Clade X” Conference on the Assumption of a Pandemic

Clade X overview

This is a pandemic modeling exercise organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security on May 15, 2018.
Clade X is a simulated virus.
The simulation assumes that 900 million people will die as a result of the pandemic.


It begins with the outbreak of the novel parainfluenza virus, which is moderately contagious and lethal and has no effective medical treatment. This virus is called “Parainfluenza Clade X”.

Place of origin
Frankfurt, Germany and Caracas, Venezuela

Spreading of an infection
The disease is spread from person to person. The disease is mainly transmitted by coughing, and about half of those infected develop severe symptoms, requiring hospitalization and intensive care. Twenty percent of critically ill patients will die.

Infection explosion (Outbreak)
As the infection spreads, the disease spreads at an accelerated rate both domestically and internationally, overwhelming the medical services.
From outbreaks overseas, the disease begins to spread to U.S. soldiers.
The first American patient is a returning international student. It occurs on a small college campus in New England. As the pandemic becomes more serious, EXCOMM (National Security Council Executive Committee) will have to deal with a variety of issues with policy, political and ethical dimensions.
Ultimately, this pandemic will kill 900 million people worldwide.

There were pandemic simulations before “Clade X”

Dark Winter

June 2001

Dark Winter | Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Atlantic Storm

January 2005

Atlantic Storm | Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
AtlanticStorm wasaministerialtable-topexerciseconvenedonJanuary14,2005bytheCenterforBiosecurityoftheUniversityofPittsburghMedicalCenter,theCenterforTransatlanti...

October 2019 “EVENT 201” a conference that simulates a pandemic

EVENT 201 overview

Event 201 | Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

EVENT 201 assumes a coronavirus pandemic and discusses the impact of the medical field, trade and travel, and finance and economics.


 Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
 The World Economic Forum
 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Cooperation WHO
Date Friday, October 18, 2019, 8:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
PlaceNew York The Pierre hotel


It stimulates the emergence of a new human-animal common infectious coronavirus that can be transmitted from bat to pig and from person to person, resulting in an effective transmission from person to person and eventually a serious pandemic. Although the pathogens and the diseases that cause them are largely modeled on SARS, they are more infectious in the community from people with mild symptoms.

  1. It starts at a pig farm in Brazil and starts at a quiet and slow pace, but then the infection spreads rapidly at the medical site. The epidemic explodes as it spreads efficiently from one person to another in some densely populated low-income areas of the South American mega-city.
  2. It is exported by air to Portugal, the United States, and China, and then spread to many countries. At first, some countries can control them, but then they spread and re-infected, and eventually, none of them can maintain their control.
  3. There are fictitious antiviral drugs that can help the sick, but they cannot significantly reduce the spread of the disease.
  4. The chances of being able to do vaccines in the first year are not zero. There are fictitious antiviral drugs that can help the sick, but they cannot significantly reduce the spread of the disease.
  5. Because of the susceptibility of all humans, the cumulative cases increase exponentially in the first few months of the pandemic, doubling weekly. And as the number of cases and deaths increases, the economic and social impact becomes more severe.
  6. The scenario ends with 65 million deaths as of 18 months. The pandemic process begins to slow down because fewer people are more likely to get infected. The pandemic will continue at a certain pace until an effective vaccine exists or between 80% and 90% of the world’s population is infected. From that point on, there is a high possibility of developing endemic diseases in children.

Except for the location and name, it is consistent with what actually happened with coronavirus (COVID-19).

Simulation images are also carefully created in line with this scenario.

All the videos of this meeting can be seen from this link.

Event 201 | Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

In the video story, even the names CAPS (CORONAVIRUS ASSOCIATED PULMONARY SYNDROME) and “coronavirus-related lung syndrome” are given.
In addition, telework is already envisioned.

The amount of time, money, and personnel spent on this conference must be considerable, as the drama and footage of the simulations have been carefully created.

Currently, Johns Hopkins University provides real-time, map-based statistical data on coronavirus (COVID-19) infected and dead. The service will start very early on January 22, 2020.
Perhaps by the time of this meeting, this service may have already been created.

In 2018, they released a report on the characteristics of pandemic pathogens.
“The characteristics of PANDEMIC PATHOGENS”

On either January 24, 2020, or February 12, 2020, a statement on the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security’s website makes the claim that there is no connection between this coronavirus (COVID-19) and the simulation of this meeting.

Center News | Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Another face of the organizers of “EVENT201”

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is a private university in the United States with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. With the world’s oldest public health graduate school, medical school is one of the tops in the world.
To date, this university has produced more than 36 Nobel Prize winners.
And recently there have been large donations from Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates.

The first president Daniel Coit Gilman

The founder of Johns Hopkins University is Johns Hopkins, a businessman who was a huge success in investing in the railway business. The first president, Daniel Coit Gilman, is also the executive team of Russell & Company, and in exchange for the huge amount of funding from the company, he was the first president.
He was also studying how to control humans with opium.

Moreover, in the early days of Johns Hopkins University, this university was studying “eugenics” rooted in Caucasian dominance. In addition, at the early stage of the Johns Hopkins University, they studied eugenics based on white dominance. Psychological research is also well known worldwide, and it is famous for research on how to robotize human beings by drugs, research on controlling human brains by electromagnetic waves, and research on controlling human beings by fear of nuclear weapons.

And recently, according to Reuters reports, Bristol Myers Squibb, Johns Hopkins University, and the Rockefeller Foundation are now looking at Guatemala’s role in U.S. government experiments that infected hundreds of Guatemalans with syphilis. It is subject to a billion-dollar lawsuit.
In fact, the US government acknowledged and apologized for having this experiment.

Johns Hopkins, Bristol-Myers must face billion syphilis infections suit

Is it strange to think that such a negative aspect (the purpose is doubtful from the beginning) has been carried over even today?


What brought about wealth in the early days of the United States?

There were originally about 50 million Native Americans in the Americas, but the number of whites who emigrated from Europe has reduced the number to about 30,000 in the massacre. They slaughtered Native Americans and took their land.

A railroad was laid on the land that was free of charge, and the commercial development of the railroad and the area around the station made the land valuable. At that time, the U.S. government opened land development rights around the tracks to railway companies for free, enabling them to earn huge profits from developing resources such as oil, coal, and iron ore.

Slaves called “Cooley” from China were used to build the railroad. They were given opium, they were made addicted to opium, and they were not given opium if they didn’t work hard. Railway builders used opium to make the hard work of China a submissive slave and to make them work for a mere wage.

At that time, not only black people but also all colored people were treated harshly in the United States in a way that was close to slavery.
It can be said that the wealth of the early United States was built on that sacrifice.

In 1823, “Russell & Company”, an exclusive U.S. import company, was created.
The founder is Samuel Wadsworth Russel. By the way, Samuel Wadsworth Russel’s cousin William Huntington Russell is one of the founders of Skull and Bones, a secret society at Yale University, and Daniel Coit Gilman, the first president of Johns Hopkins University, mentioned above, is one of the founders.
This is a historical fact, and almost 100 of Skull & Bones materials appear in the Yale University database.

In Guangdong, China, a director in charge of the import and export of opium and Chinese slaves, in Warren Delano, the Delano clan produces the president in the interests of opium, but the president is Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II.

The Bush family was the auditor of the Russell & Company. While Britain brought Indian opium to China, Russell imported opium from Turkey and sold it in China. And they had Chinese slaves who had been addicted to drugs engaged in the construction of American railways such as Harriman.

Thus, American wealth at the time of foundation was due to the slaughter of Native Americans and the looting of land, the buying and selling of black slaves, slave labor from China and Asia called the Cooley, and the opium business in China.

It is a spirit that is completely contrary to human rights, ethics, justice, etc. that the United States values today.

Partial quote:「フリーメーソン-107  ジョンズ・ホプキンス大学」

World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum is a non-profit international organization (NGO) headquartered in the Swiss, Cologny, founded in 1971 by economist Klaus Schwab.
The goal is to bring together leaders from all over the world in every field, set challenges for the world, region, and industry, and work on global improvements.
The operating capital is made up of 1,000 member companies, many of which are global companies with sales of over $5 billion.

Even if you’ve never heard the name of this organization, don’t you know the keyword “Davos Conference”? The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum.
Many things are secretly decided here, such as the fact that the president of the United States and other leaders of each country are always invited to the “Davos Conference” before being elected by the election.
At the annual general meeting held in Davos, Switzerland at the end of January each year, we have an agenda (action plan) every year.
By the way, the 2020 agenda is “Great Reset.”

At the 30th Annual General Meeting in 2000, “Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI Alliance)” was established, led by US President Bill Clinton and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. It was By 2018, GAVI has vaccinated more than 700 million children with smallpox.

At first glance, it seems to be humanitarian cooperation from the international community, but the pharmaceutical industry is not providing vaccines for free. The enormous costs are being raised by selling them in the international financial market as a financial instrument called “vaccine bonds. The International Finance Facility for Immunization (IFFim) is building the mechanism for donations and vaccinations from governments and global companies.

And there are many deaths and disabilities, and many lawsuits and national rejections from these vaccine programs.

I would like to cover the vaccine in another article.
As the world falls into recession due to the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19), huge funds have already been raised for the research and development of vaccines.

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s largest charitable foundation, founded in 2000 by former Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and his wife Melinda.
Mr. Bill Gates’s personal asset doesn’t decrease in these 20 years, but the actual condition becomes double. What kind of mechanism is there?
And just before Bill Gates left Microsoft presidency just before the foundation was established, the U.S. government filed an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft.
Bill Gates is said to have set up a foundation to respond to it, which is very similar to the history of the Rockefeller Foundation.

There are various criticisms to the Polio Vaccine Program “Global Health Program” that the foundation is focusing on. There is also little philanthropic support, Wikipedia says.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

September 2019 A simulation exercise for the outbreak of a new coronavirus held in Wuhan

As I told you in the first episode of the series about the site Corona (COVID-19), Wuhan 2019 Military World Games was held in October 2019. This is a large-scale event next to the Olympic Games and the Soccer World Cup.
A month before that, a practice exercise was held to assume the occurrence of the new coronavirus based on the fact that this event was held.

Do you wonder?
Usually, in such large-scale competitions, simulated exercises and countermeasures that emphasize safety in the event of terrorism are taken.
Why was it a simulated exercise assuming the outbreak of the new coronavirus?

Below is a link to that article.


What if these events are connected?

This corona (COVID-19) does not deny from the beginning the possibility that it may be a planned event that has been prepared over a long period of time, and it may be worth thinking about it once.

How do journalists and experts around the world claim that this Corona (COVID-19) is planned?
I don’t think there is a reason such as a name-selling act or a financial purpose, so I think it is worth considering.

So far, thank you for reading.
See you next time.


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