Black Lives Matter “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone / CHAZ → CHOP” built in Seattle by demonstration

CHAZGeorge Floyd
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Protesters occupy Seattle Capitol Hill and declare it an autonomous zone

Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrations spread across the United States following police killings of George Floyd. Eventually, six blocks of an area called Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington was occupied by demonstrators, who declared the area an autonomous zone.

On Wednesday, June 10, police and the city of Seattle handed over the area to demonstrators, who are said to be inciting Antifa.
Moreover, it seems that the Seattle police have approved the establishment of this autonomous zone.

Capitol Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or “CHAZ”for short, is beginning to be called.

At the moment, a hip-hop artist and rapper Raz Simone seem to be in control of the community and armed.
There is also a tent for medical volunteers, food, fruits, snacks, and water from local restaurants.

At the moment, I have seen some YouTube videos of the local situation, but now it is calm and there seem to be a lot of children and women.

Is the mayor of Seattle accepting this situation?

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo (Brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo) on Thursday night, June 11, Seattle Mayor Jenny Darkan (Democratic Party) described the street blocks of Seattle designated by Antifa as “Capitol Hill Autonomous Region” as “block parties” rather than “armed takeovers.”

And it’s not just Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan who has allowed this situation to happen. Also Washington state governor Jay Inslee (Democrat) is one of them.
In fact, they called out President Trump heavily on Twitter.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

Back into the underground bunker of the White House
Washington state governor Jay Inslee
You shouldn’t be involved in Washington because you have no governance. Stop tweeting.
President Trump
This is not a game. These ugly anarchists have to be stopped.

It all seems to be an exchange on Twitter.
I’m sure it’s serious, but it’s childish to exchange such an important matter only on Twitter. It’s a real life thing.
They should meet and look each other in the eye when it comes to important matters.
Either one intentionally wants to keep things even more confusing.

They (CHAZ) have already made a request.

Their (CHAZ) demands are as follows.

  • The “abolition” of the Seattle Police Department and its ancillary court system
  • “Free of charge” of the university for everyone in the state
  • “Abolition” of general imprisonment
  • “Abolition of both” youth prisons and privately operated for-profit prisons

I don’t think the demands up to these points will pass, but depending on their strategy, the U.S. will be really confused.

How many forces are manipulating behind the scenes?

I would like to take this up at a different time in another article.
So far, there are several forces who want to bring the demonstration to a more chaotic state in the United States.

Communist Party of China
Economic sanctions from the U.S. before Corona, increased tariffs, reparations and accusations from all over the world by Corona (COVID-19), and criticism from the international community at the time of the announcement of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Basic Act.
For the Chinese Communist Party, the best way to avoid this is to instigate violence and chaos in the U.S. and weaken it from within the U.S., rather than face-to-face with the U.S.
The Communist Party of China believes that if a president is born from the U.S. Democratic administration, not Trump, it will survive for the time being.

Basically, it is an anarchist group and communist group, and it is an anti-fascist group.
But it’s strange that they are aware that the funders of this activity are one-world communist fascists.

Democratic Party (United States)
As it stands, the Democratic Party will lose to President Trump again in the next presidential election, so it looks like they will do anything to drag him down.
If President Trump wants to be re-elected in the next US presidential election, they seem to be driven by the fear of more arrests starting with Obama Gate.

I used to live in the eastern part of America when I was a kid, and I liked the friendly, bright, and pure American people. I hope that those people will not use their pureness to go in a completely different direction than they want.

Thank you to the end.
See you next time.