Why I started this blog

BC(Before Corona)/  AC(After Corona)  Times have completely changed

After the Chinese New Year in 2020, I felt that the world had entered a completely different era.
There is no doubt that COVID-19 (coronavirus, Wuhan pneumonia) was the trigger, but this is just the beginning of a bigger plan, and it is going to be a very different world (AC) than before (BC), with big changes and disruptions.
Personally, I’m very disappointed and annoyed, but I don’t think this trend can be reversed, for better or worse.

Every hidden truth will come to light

From ancient history to politics, economics, science, medicine, health, religion, and every other field, new knowledge that has been taken for granted until now will be overturned, new knowledge that has been purposely altered, and new knowledge that has been hidden so that many people do not understand will come to light more and more.
I think we’re moving into an era where everyone already knows enough to feel like it’s completely useless to try to manipulate the facts or intentionally manipulate the purpose.

In times of change and confusion, it is important to notice and think

In the coming period of change and confusion, we often can’t immediately determine which of the news, reports, and various information is telling the truth.
Even in authoritative pundits, institutions, and media, there will be different things to report and assert.

Each of us should be open to what is happening in the world, and it is important for us to investigate and think about our own questions and ultimately act on our own judgment, rather than feeling uneasy about something we don’t understand.

I hope this blog is an awareness for you and your loved ones

Through this blog, I hope to provide you with a chance to notice and think about many things

And hopefully, you will express your fears and anxieties not as anger, violence, discrimination, or indifference, but into solidarity, compassion, and love with those around you.